Gen X Pen (Pineapple Express x AC/DC)


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Gen X Pen 

Pineapple Express x AC/DC–Cannabis Derived Terpene Infused  Distillated THC

These pen’s are 100% cannabis no PG or VG or any other none cannabis solution is added to your medicine.  Each ful cartridge contains 0.8ml of Distillated THC oil infused with the perfect amount of 100% cannabis derived terpenes so the distillate is able to be “wicked” up in the “GEN-X” cartridges.

We recommend that is be used on a battery set between 5 and 10 “watts” if you have a variable voltage battery.

Fits all 510 thread rechargeable batteries.  ***BATTERY NOT INCLUDED***


This extract has been taken 1 step further than most, using “Fractional Distillation”  it has been refined to a pure THC oil. It is 100% SOLVENT-FREE and in its raw form; tasteless.

Flavour Savers then infuses this distillated THC with Pure Cannabis Derived Terpenes.  Extremely potent and due to the terpenes being re-infused SUPER flavour full. The best of both worlds! You can’t beat this product if your looking for high potency medicine that still has the full benefits of the “ENTOURAGE EFFECT”  intact due to the having the Cannabis Derived Terpenes infused back into this extract.


Please medicate responsibly and keep out of reach of children and pets.


0.5g, 1g

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